The Tesla Patent Give-away SMOKE SCREEN!

The Tesla Patent Give-away SMOKE SCREEN!
Tesla has announced that they are giving their patents away, patents which state, in no uncertain terms, that their batteries can “kill you”, “burn you and your family”, “set your house on fire”, “set your office or parking structure on fire” (Not to mention the cancer-causing fumes they release).

So that’s nice, they are giving them away. Who does this benefit?

Since 2006, EVERY single new electric car company has been sabotaged by MUsk and his investors, The Detroit Big 3 (SEE THIS LINK)( and/or the Department of Energy. Over 200 electric car companies tried to launch and every single one got lied to and stonewalled by the DOE, sabotaged by outsider take-overs who offered an investment and then generated a take-over like MUsk did; Blockaded, by mutual agreement by the VC’s; and/or regulated into non-operation by laws which were written so only the Detroit Big 3 could pass them.

So, Musk appears to be making all nice-nice by “giving away” the patents but in reality, they can’t be used by anyone but the Detroit Big 3 because anybody else will be forced to endure the above-mentioned sabotage efforts. The Detroit BIg 3 already have tons of their own patents and avoid any NIH (Not Invented Here) outsider technologies. So, what good are they?

So could this be the precursor to a Tesla bankruptcy? We have seen that they “cook the books”, are we in for another “cleantech” shocker?

Send in your links. Let’s discuss…

Tom- Boston/G



Almost every electric car company that starts to get traction has a hostile takeover attempt. Later stage parties create a dispute which causes the founder to be forced out, bought out, quit or otherwise stop providing the impetus to deliver a disruptive technology. The process has now occurred so many times that it is beginning to look like an intentionally crafted standardized strategy by third-parties who fear market diffusion. It happened to XP but they overcame it. The “new management” usually “accidently” tanks the company. Let’s try to guess who the “third-parties” might be…BUT:

What better way to control a market than to control all of the funding for that market and then have all that controlled funding administrated by “your people” who have been placed in, and around, a federal agency! It’s the “Takeover Game” on a whole new level.

Just sayin…

Do people really do these sorts of things? Imagine megalomaniac car, energy and materials company heads with billions of dollars that want to control hundreds of billions of dollars and have insane egos…


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